Haglofs Trail Shoe Review

Haglofs Gram Gravel Women’s Trail Running Shoes

Sportsshoe.com kindly sent me the Haglofs Trail shoe to review just over a month ago and I have been putting them through their paces. Any followers of my Twitter will know my training encompasses a huge variety of activities from hill sprints to burpees in the mud, sled pulls and weights. Think Cross fit style HIIT training outdoor regardless of the weather with trail running thrown in for good measure. It is the huge variety of things I do that I thought these Haglofs Trail shoes would make the perfect pair to provide me the grip I need throughout the wetter months.

Pros –

  • Good overall grip – Wet grass, shallow mud and frosty frozen ground; these have worked fantastically and allow you to put the power down without wheel spinning.
  • Cushioning – Excellent thick sole; especially on frozen ground this came in to its own, anyone looking for a winter knee saver this is the one.
  • Variety of colours – Looks aren’t everything however no one is going to turn down something that looks nice and does a fab job. This is that shoe, a wide range of men’s and women’s that look great and do the job. What more can you ask for?!

Things to consider –

  • These are not a fell shoe – Why would they be they don’t claim to be however this is noticeable when going through deeper mud, the grip does become quite easily clogged up.
  • Grip at the front of the toe is limited – I found when doing things like burpees or pushing up a steep incline when it is your toe that is making contact with the floor the grip is limited however once the ball of your foot hits the ground you’re flying!
  • Ankle area – The foot opening in these seems to be quite small and stiff making them a bit firm for uneven running or if you are prone to ankle rolling. This seems to be worse with lower ‘no show’ socks, higher or cushioning socks have solved this for me. Perhaps they just take a bit of time to break in.
Haglofs Gram Gravel Trail Shoe

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