Fuel up for the perfect traning session

When I’m training (that’s most of the days) or recovering (that’s the few days left )  I follow a pretty fluid structure in terms of how I fuel up ready for a big session. I like to call it ‘eat what I like/have in the fridge’. I am not someone who is on a diet, I have never been on a diet nor will ever go on a diet and I wholeheartedly believe in everything in moderation; you might not feel this works for you but for me its going ok. I wouldn’t want to spend my whole life craving something, eventually giving in to temptation, feeling guilty and then starting the cycle again. Life is for living and cake can fit in to that pretty nicely.

During the school week (I am a teacher so I don’t go to work I go to school) I avoid puddings, these are a weekend treat and it makes me look forward to them rather than have them out of habit at the end of every meal. Everything else is pretty much fair game. I genuinely like healthy food so it does make the job of sticking to a varied diet a lot easier, I have a lot of meat and veg with every meal but as I said I eat what I fancy cooking and usually what I haven’t had that week already.

The only part you could perhaps call a regime, superstition, or habit even is that I HAVE to have a caffeine boost before training to make me feel ready to go and a recovery protein shot of some form afterwards. Before every session I like Youth Energy, this gives me the boost I’m looking for with no added nasty’s or unnatural junk. I used to stick solely to coffee however couldn’t get on with the overly powerful ‘buzz’ and almost light headedness it gave me once it had kicked in.
Afterwards as part of my recovery I am partial to a protein shake or bar but don’t like to have the same thing every day. I find it helps me recover quicker setting me up for the next day. After all I do have 1400 students to cope with before I even start my session, I need every bit of energy available 😉

If you haven’t done so already you must give EnergySnacks a visit. These guys have jumped on the monthly box band wagon but in a superb way. Move over monthly make up or recipe kits, its time for real life training related stash!

Not only are they doing boxes of brilliant branded gels, recovery shakes, protein snacks  (even the GU protein and caffeine stroop wafel!!!!)  they are boxing up a ever changing mixture and delivering it to you each month to keep your cupboard stocked. If you don’t like sticking to one brand or get bored of the same flavour of protein shakes after every session then this really is the thing for you.

In conjunction with EnergySnacks I have created my ideal training box that they will be packaging up and selling as their box for runners. This focuses on the things I like and use I have deliberately chosen a wide range of brands as no one wants to be eating the same day in day out. I’ve also thrown in some extra Hydration sachets for that winter boost.


Pre training energy

Clif Energy bar
GU Stroop waffle

Post training recoveryclif-barsuntitledskhh8-mg-1

32GI Recovery protein drink
Clif Builders bar
High Five protein hit
OTE any time bar
Torq recovery bar


GU Hydration drink mix
Skratch Lab Hydration Mix

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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