Asics Zero Distraction Bra Review

Asics Zero Distraction Bra

Asics have done it here! Ladies you NEED this sports bra! Zero distraction indeed, I actually forgot I was wearing it.

Now cards on the table here I am not the most well-endowed, shall we say up there and don’t really have the issue of having to keep them strapped down BUT I am that person who if the slightest thread is itching, annoying or even a hair is in my way I will notice every step of my session and couldn’t possibly think of anything else. This is a nightmare when it comes to clothes, especially new ones that I haven’t yet decided if they are ‘OK’, is it too loose, too tight? Is it itching, irritating does it move? ARGH!!

Simply put this is the best sports bra I own and it has made it to the top of the tablel in one foul-swoop after three wears. Well done Asics!

Pros –

  • Adjustable – With an adjustable back and straps this doesn’t confine you to either S, M or L. You can make it fit you.
  • Slightly padded cups – No embarrassing moments in those cold sessions, enough said about that.
  • Adjustable whilst wearing – Genius! The straps are adjusted at the front by little hooks, you no longer have to be a contortionist to get the straps the perfect length. On top of this not only are these soft to the skin but even have a layer of thicker padding over your collar bone to prevent it digging in. Seriously give this designer a medal!

Things to consider –

I actually don’t have anything to write in this list in terms of the bra its self the only tiny negative is that it only comes in black. Now I know black is slimming and all that (not that im sure this can work with sports bra) but everyone love a bit of colour. I hope this is something they bring out very soon. Fingers crossed.

Find it at here



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