Asics Finish Advantage Tights

Made with Motion Dry technology these tights are designed to not only compress to keep the oxygen flowing but also wick any moisture away from your skin to keep you feeling comfortable and your mind on your session.

I love running in compression socks and find they really help in the last set of the session. That set when your legs and lungs are burning yet you know it is this set that counts. These tights are super and are like whole leg compression socks. If you are a fan of running in compression socks you will suit these tights.


Pros –

  • Overall compression – Whole leg compression increasing the blood flow during your session, easing lactic acid removal, reducing post session aching.
  • Wide waistband – No cutting in here, these stay up through all the burpees, squats and sprints that you can throw at them.
  • Reflective detail – I love the big Asics logo and having it in reflective print is brilliant to keep your visible on your dark runs.
  • Men’s and women’s! – Find both here


Things to consider –

  • These tights don’t have ankle zips. Personally I prefer tights with zips, I find them easier to get on and off – perhaps that just me!
  • Remember these are compression so they are tight! Check the size guide and make sure you know your measurements. Yep I ordered the wrong size first time around.
  • Currently only in black which if you have read my Asics Zero Distraction Bra post you will know I love things as colourful as possible.

One thought on “Asics Finish Advantage Tights

  1. You mention ordering the wrong size at first. Did you have to got up or go down a size?
    I really want these tights but im stuggling with sizing as their size guide is for all their ‘bottoms’ range but I have a feeling these tights should have their own size chart.


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