Asics Noosa FF Review


I have had these trainers for just under a month now and have loved testing them.

First thing you need to do is check out the swanky video featuring actual runners wearing the trainers including Candace Hill – the fastest female school runner of ALL TIME!!!!
I think its fab that Asics have used actual people in the promos, no acting here, people who do this running thing day in, day out.

What is the first thing you notice about these trainers? Colour right?! Thought so! Whether you choose men’s or women’s the designs are super eye catching and look incredible, but behind this is a pretty awesome shoe packed full of clever features not to be missed.
Pros – Normally in reviews like this I do 3 or 4 pros but with these I couldn’t narrow it down, so I’m afraid you got them all!

  • Colour choices –Like I’ve already said these catch your attentiwomens-banner-1.jpgwomens-banner-5on and the compliments of those around you – never a thing to turn down!
  • Sticky sole – The outer part of the sole is almost sticky to touch and to say these are not a trail shoe nor claim to be for off road, they have held up extremely well under the wet conditions I have had to throw at it (no fault of my own, it has rained a lot!)
    For someone like me who is multi-sport based and have to negotiate plenty of wet and slippy transition areas as well as change of terrain in runs these are going to feature in my race kit from now on.
  • Cushioning sole – I LOVE the Noosa writing in the sole but after aesthetics womens-banner-3.jpgthis is a knee saver. The whole sole is soft and durable and is like running on cushions. Their tag ‘Don’t run, fly’ is very accurate indeed.
  • Mesh outer – Luckily I am not someone who suffers from blisters on my feet, especially as in my Aquathlon races I am not going to waste time drying my feet after the swim in transition. (I cant afford the seconds!) These are made with no seams and with the breathable mesh outer I have found to wick the water away very effectively. They almost air dry your feet rather than some other shoes which the material absorbs the moisture resulting in a very heavy soggy run.
  • Heel tab – Simple but really effective. A really big tab in a nice grippy material just where you need it.

All in all these are a super Triathlon and Aquathlon shoe but even if you are just a runner these make a fab all round road and mixed terrain trainer.

Things to consider – I really struggled with this list on these and nothing about the shoe in its self stands out. If I am clutching at straws it would be nice to see these with an elastic lace option for the triathletes but of course its not too much trouble to add later on. Only other thing, be aware I have found they do come up large so order your size accurately. do half sizes which I always look for in a company and even better currently have an offer on where they are giving away a free pair of running tights with every order! £37.99 running tights for FREE how brilliant is that!







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