Karkoa Compartment Sports Bag Review

Karkoa – User Friendly Luggage- Compartment Sports Bag


Firstly let me introduce Karkoa, the new kids on the block when it comes to luggage, these guys based in France have seen what a mess we all get in to with our sports kit and have gone out of their way to solve it. Whilst doing this, they have not only solved the things I knew where annoying me but also provided solutions for problems I hadn’t even thought about!


Karkoa do a range of holdalls and backpacks as well as add on accessories to suit all tastes and needs. I opted for the 20L Plume in Emeraude Blue, let me show you around.4.jpg


  1. Main section – Accessed by one large zip this has a firm flat base, nothing like I’ve even seen in a sports bag before it’s like a shelf in the bag, designed to keep those smart work clothes crease free even when it is fully packed. Perfect for those of you who exercise on the way to work.
  2. Base section – I can’t be the only one who wraps their muddy, sweaty trainers in a carrier bag to stop them contaminating 3.jpgeverything else I have with me. Welcome to the end of those days! The Karkoa bags have a base shoe section, completely self-contained and accessed through a U shaped zip. The lining of this even pulls fully out making it super easy to tip out the dirt and wipe clean – it is even big enough to take shoes up to a size 12.
  3. Chilled drinks poc2.jpgket – Foil lined and again accessed through a separate zip to stop anything touching those precious work clothes you are desperately trying to keep smart. Mine holds my protein shake, something I didn’t even realise was much nicer cool as I’m so used to having it ‘changing room warm’.6.jpg
  1. Laptop and essentials pockets – They really have thought about these two, not only is there a specific laptop pocket as well as two other smaller pockets to organise your keys, phones and whatever else we all have in the bottom of our bags. They are both lined with a soft fleece material to keep everything safe, snug and scratch free.
  1. Dirty wash bag – Again I can’t be the only person who does this, I even do it on holiday. Everything worn goes in the ‘dirty wash bag!’ My husband is even now partial to this routine! Karkoa were clearly also drilled by my parents at a young age and have provided you with your own. A thick and durable plastic case to put all those smelly, sweaty clothes in and yep you’ve guessed it, its own section to keep it in quarantine until it can get to the washing machine.5.jpg
  1. If that all wasn’t enough, last but not least they also even throw you in another little waterproof zipper pouch for any lotions and potions you want for after your work out. Last thing you want is them slopping over your smarts, so again this is all zipped away safe.



The reoccurring theme of the Karkoa bags is organisation. If you are anything like me, busy people have to be organised and if something can make fitting in a work out around all the other throws of life that little tiny bit more straight forward then it is a huge win in my book. I love love love this bag!

Check out their website and video to find out more and join the dream organisation.



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