Salomon Sense Ride

Let me intro to you the new Salomon Sense Ride aka the new all-singing-all-dancing-all-terrain-bad-boys in the off-road running world.


4 words sums up this review THESE HAVE IT ALL!


Salomon set themselves the challenge of designing a trail shoe that not only came in to its own on the toughest climb but also rocked it on the approach, across the local park and along the canal path. Their Contragrip sole it’s where it all comes in to play, a fancy word for extra grippy and sticky this sole is the standout aspect in providing unrivaled traction across the loosest of gravel or the wettest of grass verges.

Let’s be honest anyone in the market for specialist trail shoes has watched endless shiny perfected promo videos where incredible runners hurtle carelessly down what can only be a French Alps black ski-run in the summer and see impressive stats flash up on to the screen on how this is the go to product for their own runs in this terrain. Questions keeps raising their file-11head in the back of your mind however as that consumer. ‘That’s all well and good for when I’m running the Alps mountain trails (in my dreams) but what about all my normal runs?! What about across the park being yanked every which way by my excitable pup? Am I going to face plant in the boggy English summer grass?’
Unfortunately we don’t all have the luxury of living at the start of the footpath and not having to run down the street first to join the trail. I know I’m not alone in wanting the start and end sections, transition from house to trail, to be as comfortable as the middle, trail, grass, footpath you-name-it-my-runs-got-it section.
I, as have my husband, friends and I’m sure you, have spent many a year running wet grass in road shoes as that was best for actually getting to the field or putting up with clunky grip on the approach as it would be ‘ok in the end’. What I love about these is their flexibility, soft enough to be feeling what is beneath your feet, something I didn’t even realise I wanted in a shoe until I concentrated on it – try it, you’ll see! But also the comfort that they provide, I am no way suggesting you swap these for your road shoe no, no, no but for me when runs in busy hectic lives don’t fit in to the categories of trail or road these are in that real life runners category of you-name-it-my-runs-got-it.


I remind you of one of my first sentences: 4 words sums up this review THESE HAVE IT ALL!



Check them out here #NoFunStandingStill

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