Joseph Joseph DrawStore

We could all do with a little streamlining in our lives, things are hectic enough with time and space at a premium so Joseph Joseph have set about on a challenge of their own to bring us ‘The Space Savers’

Now lets be honest Joseph Joseph are the big dogs of the household world, the A-listers, the VIPs at the home wear party, holding hands with the likes of Le Creuset, wearing Le Chameau and BFFs with Orla Kiely. They do however have great reasons to be so well respected all of which come from delivering time after time.

19 items make up their new Space Saving range from whisks to roasting trays, mashers to scales, all designed for ‘those who like to keep things organised’. For our house though its draws that need a boost, the knives that have been sat on the worktop since they were temporarily placed there on moving day 2 years ago really do need a home and this is where ‘DrawStore’ comes in to its own.

The two DrawStore items have taken what used to take up two draws and a good chunk of worktop in to one streamlined masterpiece. Hallelujah.

Let me explain. A picture is worth thousand words right?!



I’ll start with the Knife Organiser built to hold 9 knives of varying length and size, safely and compactly. The eagle eyed ones amongst you will be able to see that i actually have it holding 10 in the picture, brownie points in my book. I did find some deeper blade knives didn’t fit brilliantly and tilted back slightly when on the top layer so just be ready to do a few swaps from the top and bottom layers.

Next up the Cutlery Organiser, does exactly what it says on the tin. What used to take up a whole draw on its own in a standard cutlery tray has now been reduced to a third of a draw, if that! If you are one of those households who bought (or most likely were bought as a housewarming/wedding/university present) one set of cutlery, still have it all, haven’t ‘gained’ random other items from picnics/friends (restaurants?!!!) then i salute you!!! But for all the 99.9% of normal households this is the perfect fix to the knives that are slightly too long for the knife section or spoons that are too big for a tea spoon section yet get lost in the table spoon one.

‘Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Joseph Joseph, that’s why we make it our aim to identify everyday problems and solve them by designing functional solutions.’
Antony & Richard Joseph

They’ve done that alright!

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