Haglofs Essens Mimic Jacket

‘An insulated jacket with great moisture management and rain-proofing, thanks to the unique materials used in its construction. Stay warm, stay dry: stay moving.’


For so long I have been looking for something to wear after events to get the inner fire burning and to actually feel warm again. The need for such an item really did come apparent in the last few months after moving house. As much as my house move wasn’t purely for the need to have a swimming pool exactly 6km from my front door (I wouldn’t advise anyone to go through the stresses of a house move just for this reason) it did however come as a rather large bonus. BUT with winter closing in and living on a top of a hill in exposed moorland, wind chill is the coldest I have ever experienced in the UK and so I found myself REALLY needing this item, I just had to find what the item was…


It needed to be something that could be used on a daily training basis as well as being transportable for events and more specialist times. As a surfer (or so I like to call myself) I have an array of more water sport style options for warming up after coming out of wetsuits on blustery beaches but none of these are exactly practical to be packed down in to a rucksack for a pre-swim run.


My criteria for such an item wasn’t exactly vague but the Mimic Essen seemfile4ed to taken them all in its stride:

  • It had to pack down small and I mean tiny, I have honed the skill of fitting everything I need for my swim session as well as clothes for afterwards in to a 12L hydration pack allowing me to run to swimming and leave afterwards with the hubby in clean dry clothes. Only problem, I was freezing in the tiny top and leggings I could squeeze in my bag…hence the search!

‘The lightweight material is made from recycled polyester and offers the outstanding warmth of a down, but with the minimal weight and compact storage size of synthetic’

  • It had to have water repellent down. If this was to work how I wanted it to I needed to know that as it was warming me the down filling wasn’t just slowly absorbing the moisture as tradition uncoated goose or duck down has the tendency to do.

‘The unique QuadFusion Mimic material used in this jacket’s insulation has most of the properties of a down but absorbs much less water in rough conditions. Coupled with a lightweight 30D tear and wind resistant DWR-treated Pertex shell (fluorocarbon-free for great environment credentials). Thanks to the durable waterproofing treatment, water runs right off and doesn’t soak into the jacket.’

  • It had to be practical, I had to be able to move and carry on the things I needed to get done. As much as it would be lovely to get out of the water and wrap up in a sleeping bag, this doesn’t bode well for actually packing up kit and getting home. It had to be agile enough without compromising on warmth.

‘The ergonomic designed, articulated sleeves and Polartec Powerstretch shoulder inserts keep the wearer agile. Polartec Power stretch was developed to expand the base fabric’s durability and range of motion. Polartec Power Stretch has the ability to retain warmth without restricting movement or agility during activities.’


  • As well as all of this I actually wanted this jacket to be exactly that, a jacket for winter walking, winter exploring and winter life. Not just something that sat in the kit bag and only came out at races but that I lived in and that would stand up to all the different activities I threw at it. All very reasonable requests I thought!!

‘The next-to-skin surfile3face keeps you warm and dry through touch points that diffuse and evaporate vapour moisture in the outer layer. Reinforced elastic fibres ensure fabric consistently rebounds after every stretch. The outer surface has a low-friction finish that reduces irritation when worn with other fabrics and increases overall abrasion resistance. This makes it perfect for use on long mountain trips.’



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