#infinitepossibilities with the Aeon from Lowe Alpine

Everyone is on their own adventure and with this comes #infinitepossibilities. Adventure to each and everyone of us means something totally different.


The perfect family day out exploring local woodland, poo sticks, picnics, kite flying and bike rides


A winter expedition in rugged snow coated mountains, training for further quests.



Whatever adventure you are on, kit is always key, the outdoor world holds amazing opportunities for us all whatever our age or aim. Lowe Alpine have always had it in their core to redefine the standard kit, ‘Greg, Mike & Jeff Lowe founded Lowe Alpine because they had a desperate need for better gear for their climbing & mountaineering exploits. 50 years’ later Lowe Alpine remain committed to Greg Lowe’s visionary product design ideology. They set a standard that others follow. They always remain functional, tough and comfortable to carry.’ The Aeon is certainly no exception to this rule and hosts a whole array of well thought through, practical and refined features that come in to their own when you need them most.

It is only true experience in the world you are creating kit to excel in that allows you to know what the wearer needs irrespective of the activity.

Lowe Alpine word this excellence as:

‘Designed for people with an infinite possibility mindset, the Aeon is the perfect mix of modern, contemporary style, rugged construction, functional features and high-quality, premium materials. The Aeon comes in both male and female versions. There are 4 sizes for both genders and a choice of zip-entry and single buckle top loading design in 7 colour-ways.’

‘The Aeon features The Flexion™ harness – an ultra-thin, low profile harness that contours perfectly to the wearer’s body. This spreads the load of the pack evenly across

the shoulders making the carry comfortable even when the pack is loaded with heavy gear. Integrated with an AirContour back system creating a carefully calibrated mix of breathability, support and adjustability.  Fixed with a MultiLock™ Tool for attaching all styles of Helmet, Ice Axes and walking poles to the pack. This feature alongside a bike light attachment system, stretch mesh pockets and hydration compatibility. The Aeon has infinite possibilities.’

What I love….


  • The harness size is adjustable and not with set options where you are choosing between a few set sizes not that quite right. This is FULLY adjustable, its large Velcro pad lets you make minute adjustments until it is just right.
  • The huge front mesh pocket. Made of tough mesh standing up in

    rugged conditions and perfect for stuffing anything you need in a hurry.

  • The Aeon features both a waist and chest strap keeping the pack tight to you during runs, bounce is eliminated and weight is taken off your shoulder leaving you to go harder for longer.
  • Chest strap features a nicely camouflaged whistle for emergencies – very clever indeed!
  • Both sides of the pack feature adjustable and quick release loops perfect for keeping equipment secure, perfect for hiking poles or ice picks. I’ve even used for my GoPro tripod, it works a treat!


Whether you’re off up a mountain on two wheels or two feet, heading to the surf, need a pack to carry your kit for your run commute or skiing the trails off piste give yourself #infinitepossibilities.
Take the Aeon.


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