#infinitepossibilities with the Aeon from Lowe Alpine

Everyone is on their own adventure and with this comes #infinitepossibilities. Adventure to each and everyone of us means something totally different.


The perfect family day out exploring local woodland, poo sticks, picnics, kite flying and bike rides


A winter expedition in rugged snow coated mountains, training for further quests.



Whatever adventure you are on, kit is always key, the outdoor world holds amazing opportunities for us all whatever our age or aim. Lowe Alpine have always had it in their core to redefine the standard kit, ‘Greg, Mike & Jeff Lowe founded Lowe Alpine because they had a desperate need for better gear for their climbing & mountaineering exploits. 50 years’ later Lowe Alpine remain committed to Greg Lowe’s visionary product design ideology. They set a standard that others follow. They always remain functional, tough and comfortable to carry.’ The Aeon is certainly no exception to this rule and hosts a whole array of well thought through, practical and refined features that come in to their own when you need them most.

It is only true experience in the world you are creating kit to excel in that allows you to know what the wearer needs irrespective of the activity.

Lowe Alpine word this excellence as:

‘Designed for people with an infinite possibility mindset, the Aeon is the perfect mix of modern, contemporary style, rugged construction, functional features and high-quality, premium materials. The Aeon comes in both male and female versions. There are 4 sizes for both genders and a choice of zip-entry and single buckle top loading design in 7 colour-ways.’

‘The Aeon features The Flexion™ harness – an ultra-thin, low profile harness that contours perfectly to the wearer’s body. This spreads the load of the pack evenly across

the shoulders making the carry comfortable even when the pack is loaded with heavy gear. Integrated with an AirContour back system creating a carefully calibrated mix of breathability, support and adjustability.  Fixed with a MultiLock™ Tool for attaching all styles of Helmet, Ice Axes and walking poles to the pack. This feature alongside a bike light attachment system, stretch mesh pockets and hydration compatibility. The Aeon has infinite possibilities.’

What I love….


  • The harness size is adjustable and not with set options where you are choosing between a few set sizes not that quite right. This is FULLY adjustable, its large Velcro pad lets you make minute adjustments until it is just right.
  • The huge front mesh pocket. Made of tough mesh standing up in

    rugged conditions and perfect for stuffing anything you need in a hurry.

  • The Aeon features both a waist and chest strap keeping the pack tight to you during runs, bounce is eliminated and weight is taken off your shoulder leaving you to go harder for longer.
  • Chest strap features a nicely camouflaged whistle for emergencies – very clever indeed!
  • Both sides of the pack feature adjustable and quick release loops perfect for keeping equipment secure, perfect for hiking poles or ice picks. I’ve even used for my GoPro tripod, it works a treat!


Whether you’re off up a mountain on two wheels or two feet, heading to the surf, need a pack to carry your kit for your run commute or skiing the trails off piste give yourself #infinitepossibilities.
Take the Aeon.


Haglofs Essens Mimic Jacket

‘An insulated jacket with great moisture management and rain-proofing, thanks to the unique materials used in its construction. Stay warm, stay dry: stay moving.’


For so long I have been looking for something to wear after events to get the inner fire burning and to actually feel warm again. The need for such an item really did come apparent in the last few months after moving house. As much as my house move wasn’t purely for the need to have a swimming pool exactly 6km from my front door (I wouldn’t advise anyone to go through the stresses of a house move just for this reason) it did however come as a rather large bonus. BUT with winter closing in and living on a top of a hill in exposed moorland, wind chill is the coldest I have ever experienced in the UK and so I found myself REALLY needing this item, I just had to find what the item was…


It needed to be something that could be used on a daily training basis as well as being transportable for events and more specialist times. As a surfer (or so I like to call myself) I have an array of more water sport style options for warming up after coming out of wetsuits on blustery beaches but none of these are exactly practical to be packed down in to a rucksack for a pre-swim run.


My criteria for such an item wasn’t exactly vague but the Mimic Essen seemfile4ed to taken them all in its stride:

  • It had to pack down small and I mean tiny, I have honed the skill of fitting everything I need for my swim session as well as clothes for afterwards in to a 12L hydration pack allowing me to run to swimming and leave afterwards with the hubby in clean dry clothes. Only problem, I was freezing in the tiny top and leggings I could squeeze in my bag…hence the search!

‘The lightweight material is made from recycled polyester and offers the outstanding warmth of a down, but with the minimal weight and compact storage size of synthetic’

  • It had to have water repellent down. If this was to work how I wanted it to I needed to know that as it was warming me the down filling wasn’t just slowly absorbing the moisture as tradition uncoated goose or duck down has the tendency to do.

‘The unique QuadFusion Mimic material used in this jacket’s insulation has most of the properties of a down but absorbs much less water in rough conditions. Coupled with a lightweight 30D tear and wind resistant DWR-treated Pertex shell (fluorocarbon-free for great environment credentials). Thanks to the durable waterproofing treatment, water runs right off and doesn’t soak into the jacket.’

  • It had to be practical, I had to be able to move and carry on the things I needed to get done. As much as it would be lovely to get out of the water and wrap up in a sleeping bag, this doesn’t bode well for actually packing up kit and getting home. It had to be agile enough without compromising on warmth.

‘The ergonomic designed, articulated sleeves and Polartec Powerstretch shoulder inserts keep the wearer agile. Polartec Power stretch was developed to expand the base fabric’s durability and range of motion. Polartec Power Stretch has the ability to retain warmth without restricting movement or agility during activities.’


  • As well as all of this I actually wanted this jacket to be exactly that, a jacket for winter walking, winter exploring and winter life. Not just something that sat in the kit bag and only came out at races but that I lived in and that would stand up to all the different activities I threw at it. All very reasonable requests I thought!!

‘The next-to-skin surfile3face keeps you warm and dry through touch points that diffuse and evaporate vapour moisture in the outer layer. Reinforced elastic fibres ensure fabric consistently rebounds after every stretch. The outer surface has a low-friction finish that reduces irritation when worn with other fabrics and increases overall abrasion resistance. This makes it perfect for use on long mountain trips.’



The complete guide to winter training

Winter has arrived at my house. I live in the middle of a moor, surrounded by only file1heather, hills and sheep; true fact! So winter for me arrives a few weeks before you normal folk who live near others, near roads and modern things like street lighting. I didn’t know that winter had in fact arrived however until I accidentally miss timed a run only last week. Having set off without a head torch, wearing all black except for blue (although very muddy) trail shoes meant I spent the second half hour of my run startling sheep who hadn’t seen me coming and tripping over rocks I hadn’t accounted for. Needless to say it turned in to more of a shuffle than a run.

This got me thinking, I needed to get in to the winter training mind-set, starting with clothing; warm and windproof yet breathable, reflective and bright, yet not some form of workman’s high–vis was needed.

file2-1.jpegI found the answer in Asics Lite Show running range and it is beautiful. This range is specifically designed for just what I needed, they have cleverly hidden reflective shapes in patterns all over a huge variety of clothing. Tshirts, jackets, leggings and even shoes that look as great as any other Asics product but flash a light over them they come to life! Try it with your camera flash.

Here’s how Asics put it for the Tshirt I opted for: This Asics lite-show running top is ideal for training sessions and night runs that take you past sunset. The lite-show print – made from a collection of reflective shapes on the short sleeves – offers maximum visibility in low light and the reflective bar on the back provides an additional glow.

No winter run kit list though would be complete without a kick ass pair of super warm leggings and a long sleeved top. Now ski thermals are ‘ski thermals’ for a reason there is no use you donning your fluffiest thermal long johns and heading out for a run as soon as your hit your stride you’ll be regretting it. Sweaty, damp, cold, uncomfortable, chaffing (?!!) all come to mind. Winter running bottoms and tops are not thicker or fluffier, it is all down to the makeup.

3 Things to look for if you want to be warm, dry and comfortable this winter:

  • If you can go seamless, do it. This generally means you can get a tighter fit without risking chaffing. Heat is generated by trapping a fine layer of air around our bodies and allowing body heat to slowly warm that air. Clothing that is too loose allows new, cold air in, undoing all of your body’s hard work.file1-1
  • Moisture wicking. To be honest this something to look for regardless of the weather, however being damp on a hot summer’s day might not be the end of the world. In the winter it is a sure fire way to ruin your workout. Our bodies naturally cool down by moisture evaporating from the surface of the skin (think getting out of a nice warm shower, you immediately feel cold once your wet skin hits the air) This is because the process of that moisture leaving our skin actually takes heat away with it, something you can’t afford to happen in the cold.
  • Thinking back to the first point about trapping air; each layer of clothing you add traps a new layer of air that your body makes all toasty and warm, 1 top, one layer of air, 3 tops three layers of air….simple. Added to this that if you have overestimated the chill factor you have some options up your sleeve (literally) and you are not faced with the only options of running home topless or boiling in the bag of your big fluffy sweatshirt.

Even in winter I like to keep a few vest tops in the bank, I find them fab for layering and will often run in a long sleeved top with a vest underneath. If I’m running to the gym then this also makes temperature adjustments much easier once there. If you buy any new vests for the coming winter months then make sure you opt for the Y Back Tank, with a mesh back it is perfect for layering and therefore provides perfect temperature regulation on the coldest of winter nights. Actually from the Asics Tennis range this a fab piece of technical kit whilst having the looks to match. I love the colour contrasting, I love the narrow Y back, perfect for the gym and I love its breathability levels, no more sweaty crease down your lower back which looks oh so attractive. I love it!


So what if it’s blowing a gale and you don’t fancy being all hard core about it?!

Try my 4 sure fired way to ‘cross train’ your way through the winter months:

  1. Nothing new and ground breaking I know but swimming can be often over looked when it comes to ‘training’. Don’t feel this has to be left to the 5am teenage club swimmers or the 2pm Granny’s, swimming has it all. For all you regular runners swimming might be just what your body is craving, aerobic activity to mimic running without the stress on the body. Try mixing up blocks of kick with blocks of fast paced front crawl. I usually do sets of 100 (that’s 4 lengths in a 25 meter pool) of each allowing myself to get my breath back in between. You will be surprised just how much your legs burn from kick and how doing this regularly builds up muscular endurance which pays off in your longer runs.

Top Tip: Borrow a kick board from the swimming pool, if you are a big guy make it easier for yourself by having two, one on top of each other.

  1. In fact to be precise; Bouldering, if you know your stuff about climbing then add file4-1.jpegthat in too but if you are a novice climber don’t panic bouldering is for you. Now don’t be mistaken in thinking bouldering is the watered down baby sister of climbing, oh no! Bouldering is a whole different recipe of its own. Mentally challenging, can you work out the best route in the time your muscles can hold on for and physically exhausting especially on the shoulders. You don’t need any harness, belaying or rope/knot knowledge and you don’t need any specialist kit. All you need is a bouldering wall, maybe a friend for company and off you go. The floors are these places are huge crash mats and even though you are only climbing head height you can always climb back down if you prefer rather than jump.

Top Tip: Kids love bouldering, excitement, jumping and falling is all part of it so take everyone along for a family afternoon workout like no other.

  1. Interval training. Not strictly cross training but one of the hardest parts of training in winter can be finding somewhere safe and light to run. School playing fields or parks are usually a good bet and rather than doing countless laps of a football pitch as your run, use its lines to your advantage. Blocks of 5are normally a good place to start, choose your distance (this might be to the half way line, across the width of the pitch or to the next tree) start with 5 single lengths at a fast pace with the time it takes you to slow jog back as your recovery. Using this as your baseline develop your session to suit your needs. If you need it easier, swap the job back for a walk back or a timed rest. Need it harder; do there and back sprints, increase the number of reps, length of rep or reduce rest.

Top Tip: The key to interval training is change of pace you are must better doing shorter faster reps than long slow ones that blur in to your normal run route pace.

  1. Head to your local gym and swap your usual session for an interval rowing session that will not only fire up those running muscles but is a great Ab blaster! The interval ideas in tip three can be applied to any piece of aerobic equipment indoor or out. Rowing however takes the pressure of the knees and hips whilst still working on the muscular endurance and aerobic endurance needed for running whilst being a secret super core workout.
    Top Tip: Try the Asics Gel Fit Tempo Shoe for a super all round fitness shoe, perfect for any gym session of interval, strength and conditioning or both.


Finally if you are braving it and going out in the element you need to think safety, can you see? And can others see you?

  • Unilite do a range of head torches for sport and running that have been actually thought about. As you will run more and more with your head torch you will learn how far in front of you, you want illuminating (this is personal taste). The unilite range have stiff enough pivot points that mean they stay pointing where you placed them. Grippers around the head band ensures it stays in place as you bounce along, no falling down and smashing you in the face with these. They have then reduced the weight to reduce the bounce and extended the battery life. Someone was thinking!
  • The FittyUK training bling is the smallest yet brightest, cheapest yet comes with the longest lasting battery I have managed to find. This clear plastic band when switched off has three options of light flashing sequences and is insanely bright. Perfect to be round your wrist on a run, over your handles bars on your bike or your bag on a walk. You will not find a brighter band with replaceable battery, out there for cheaper, I have tried!


And that’s a rap… I hope this gets you through the winter, keeps you safe but also keeps you training hard. See you in the spring!

Remember weight training in winter = Speed in spring. Have a read to find out how and make the most of your winter training.


Joseph Joseph DrawStore

We could all do with a little streamlining in our lives, things are hectic enough with time and space at a premium so Joseph Joseph have set about on a challenge of their own to bring us ‘The Space Savers’

Now lets be honest Joseph Joseph are the big dogs of the household world, the A-listers, the VIPs at the home wear party, holding hands with the likes of Le Creuset, wearing Le Chameau and BFFs with Orla Kiely. They do however have great reasons to be so well respected all of which come from delivering time after time.

19 items make up their new Space Saving range from whisks to roasting trays, mashers to scales, all designed for ‘those who like to keep things organised’. For our house though its draws that need a boost, the knives that have been sat on the worktop since they were temporarily placed there on moving day 2 years ago really do need a home and this is where ‘DrawStore’ comes in to its own.

The two DrawStore items have taken what used to take up two draws and a good chunk of worktop in to one streamlined masterpiece. Hallelujah.

Let me explain. A picture is worth thousand words right?!



I’ll start with the Knife Organiser built to hold 9 knives of varying length and size, safely and compactly. The eagle eyed ones amongst you will be able to see that i actually have it holding 10 in the picture, brownie points in my book. I did find some deeper blade knives didn’t fit brilliantly and tilted back slightly when on the top layer so just be ready to do a few swaps from the top and bottom layers.

Next up the Cutlery Organiser, does exactly what it says on the tin. What used to take up a whole draw on its own in a standard cutlery tray has now been reduced to a third of a draw, if that! If you are one of those households who bought (or most likely were bought as a housewarming/wedding/university present) one set of cutlery, still have it all, haven’t ‘gained’ random other items from picnics/friends (restaurants?!!!) then i salute you!!! But for all the 99.9% of normal households this is the perfect fix to the knives that are slightly too long for the knife section or spoons that are too big for a tea spoon section yet get lost in the table spoon one.

‘Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Joseph Joseph, that’s why we make it our aim to identify everyday problems and solve them by designing functional solutions.’
Antony & Richard Joseph

They’ve done that alright!

Salomon Sense Ride

Let me intro to you the new Salomon Sense Ride aka the new all-singing-all-dancing-all-terrain-bad-boys in the off-road running world.


4 words sums up this review THESE HAVE IT ALL!


Salomon set themselves the challenge of designing a trail shoe that not only came in to its own on the toughest climb but also rocked it on the approach, across the local park and along the canal path. Their Contragrip sole it’s where it all comes in to play, a fancy word for extra grippy and sticky this sole is the standout aspect in providing unrivaled traction across the loosest of gravel or the wettest of grass verges.

Let’s be honest anyone in the market for specialist trail shoes has watched endless shiny perfected promo videos where incredible runners hurtle carelessly down what can only be a French Alps black ski-run in the summer and see impressive stats flash up on to the screen on how this is the go to product for their own runs in this terrain. Questions keeps raising their file-11head in the back of your mind however as that consumer. ‘That’s all well and good for when I’m running the Alps mountain trails (in my dreams) but what about all my normal runs?! What about across the park being yanked every which way by my excitable pup? Am I going to face plant in the boggy English summer grass?’
Unfortunately we don’t all have the luxury of living at the start of the footpath and not having to run down the street first to join the trail. I know I’m not alone in wanting the start and end sections, transition from house to trail, to be as comfortable as the middle, trail, grass, footpath you-name-it-my-runs-got-it section.
I, as have my husband, friends and I’m sure you, have spent many a year running wet grass in road shoes as that was best for actually getting to the field or putting up with clunky grip on the approach as it would be ‘ok in the end’. What I love about these is their flexibility, soft enough to be feeling what is beneath your feet, something I didn’t even realise I wanted in a shoe until I concentrated on it – try it, you’ll see! But also the comfort that they provide, I am no way suggesting you swap these for your road shoe no, no, no but for me when runs in busy hectic lives don’t fit in to the categories of trail or road these are in that real life runners category of you-name-it-my-runs-got-it.


I remind you of one of my first sentences: 4 words sums up this review THESE HAVE IT ALL!



Check them out here #NoFunStandingStill

The Lakes in 48

A guide to 48 hours in the Lake District; where to eat, sleep and run.

Not being from the Lake District I wanted to make sure that I made the most of my time there. My to- do list was simple: 1) Get amongst the landscape. 2) Eat the best food around. 3) Run.

If this sounds like your sort of thing then you are reading the perfect guide to the Keswick area.



Let’s start with SLEEP. Not my usual choice of a starting point but as a pretty key factor in booking a trip away it seems a sensible move.

Two guest houses come highly recommended, neither can I say a bad word about. Tip 1 for booking this trip for yourself stay in either; both if you can!

Let’s start with Seven Oaks; run by the ‘team extreme’ of getting active in the Lake District, husband and wife duo Iain and Sue are a priceless font of knowledge whatever style of outdoor pursuit you are looking for. Based in a traditional Victorian style building just moments’ walk from the centre this property couldn’t get more accessible for days of walking and evenings of socialising. The rooms here are stunning, spacious and modern, Wi-Fi, teas and coffees, bottled water, biscuits you name it, it has it! They even own their own holiday cottage ‘Millside Cottage’ so if you prefer your own family space check it out.
You can see why Seven Oaks has won Trip Advisor awards, nothing is too much trouble and no detail has been spared. The breakfasts alone are worth an award in my book; pancakes, full English (that really should be full Cumbrian as both the bacon and sausages are sourced locally), fresh fruit, homemade muesli EVEN a daily smoothie!! What a better way to start your day!


Now let me introduce to you Sandburne Vegetarian Guest House. The former house of the founder of not only the Vegan society but also the word ‘Vegan’ itself. This whole property is stunning, apologies for this sounding like a Rightmove advert and if they do decide to sell you will have to get in line! But this is a property in a huge plot, set back from the road that opens out to the stunning back drop of the mountains. From inside, windows frame the view in to works of art. Warm cosy sitting rooms with wood burning stoves and an almost library of local books, walks and sights welcome you after a day in the hills.
As a true foodie breakfast is an easy way to my heart and just like Seven Oaks these are not to be missed. Not being vegetarian nor vegan myself I understandably am used to meat taking the main stage, but here you’ll forget there isn’t any on the plate. Piles of pancakes, granola, fruit, the best balsamic mushrooms you will have ever tasted and vegetarian haggis! All awesome!


So you’ve eaten your body weight in breakfast which means you have lots of energy to fuel your runs and I have two stunners to keep your training topped up whilst you are away from home.

Being from the Peak District I am used to the fells, the ankle rolling footpaths, climbing over stiles and the multi-tasking of simultaneous map reading and running. If this doesn’t sound like your normal day to day run then please do make sure you are fully prepared before setting off. So vital is this I’ve made it my all important Tip 2: Set yourself a ‘taster section’ a small first file1-3.jpegpart that lets you decide if you are feeling strong and therefore can carry on or perhaps it would be sensible to head back. Plan this stop before setting off and make it at a road junction so you can have an easier trip back in rather than getting stuck in a potentially dangerous situation. Running in glorious mountains such as the lakes is an opportunity not to be missed and are some of the most memorable I have done to date, but this terrain needs to be respected, it will not help you out, it will rain and it will get so foggy you cannot see even in mid-August. Be prepared and if in doubt head back.

Recky run – After a long drive up north I used this run as a bit of a leg stretcher as well as the chance to check out where I would be staying and to get my bearings for the next day. I find running around a neRecky.jpgw area something really unique and exciting. It can obviously only be done once but it is the only time that everything about it is new, you forget how much your legs hurt or how hard you are breathing as you are engrossed in looking around. You can’t be ‘not looking forward to that hill at the end’ as you didn’t know it was coming. When I go to a new place ill always do a rekey run to get ideas for the next days of training.

Skiddaw – Think of the Lake District, think of Skiddaw. Or at least I do, I did my DofE gold practice in the Lakes as a 17 year old and being little versions of who we are now we made it our aim to Skidaw.jpghit as many peaks as we could. I knew for this trip I needed to hit some trig points again.
For this route I took a walk to Derwent water and then on to Braithwaite as a decent warm up. It was a tough run but paid off being warm from the start, last thing I wanted was tight calves on the uphill.


After all those miles you are going to need some fuel inside of you, I am a huge fan of all food and often can be found munching as a walk along as well as always have snacks to hand.


  1. Mrs F’s Fine Food Emporium: Does exactly what it says on the tin but also a brilliant little find as these guys will fill your water bottles for you if you are running low. How lovely!
  2. Laura in the Lakes: As it says on their menu ‘the biggest scones you have ever seen’ pop in here for a little afternoon pick me up, slather on the clotted cream and jam and enjoy.
  3. Java Coffee Shop: This place is a real gem, you can’t miss it, just look for the massive chocolate fountain in the window. Head in and you’ll find there is so much to choose from, the cakes here are superb but if you are feeling you want something lighter go for one of their veg smoothies. All made in front of you to order, choose from their menu or freestyle and DIY.
  4. Jasper’s: Lastly but not at all least my new favourite place. Named after two lovely little dogs, (who were also visiting when I was!) This dog friendly café has hit the nail on the head. In the time we were in Keswick we couldn’t help but eat there twice. These guys do the biggest sausage rolls ever and they are delicious, a real hunk of sausage meat in fluffy homemade pastry. Not to be missed.


So that’s that, the lakes in 48. I hope you have as much fun exploring these places and trying all that’s on offer as I did.

Happy running…and of course cake re-fuelling.


Patagonia Women’s Nano-Air Jacket Review

‘Put it on leave it on’ is a bold claim from Patagonia and as the predecessor of this jacket had won a ‘2015 Outside Gear of the Year’ Award, I was keen to put it to the test.

First thing you notice is just how light it is and I’m talking really light (!) 252g to be exact. It has a brilliant women’s fit too, a nice cut with a long enough back to keep it from riding up when wearing a rucksack and sleeves with a bit of give. I am not a fan of tight cuffs; I like to be able to push them up, see my watch and not be restricted by my choice of jacket. On top of this the sizing I found to be pretty spot on, it had a good amount of give for layers underneath but doesn’t look oversized and baggy. All in all they have done a great job!

The Nano-Air sports a quite impressive list of technical jargon for those in the know and for those just concerned by the colour choices you can’t go wrong with any of the eye catching options.

  • Shell: 1.3-oz 20-denier 100% nylon ripstop.
  • Lining: 2-oz 50-denier 100% nylon plain weave.
  • Both shell and lining with mechanical stretch and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish.
  • Insulation: 40-g FullRange™ 100% polyester stretch insulation.
  • Knit: 6.3-oz 100% polyester stretch waffle knit with Polygiene® permanent odor control
  • 252 g (8.9 oz)


The big question though – did I ‘Put it on leave it on’?

Impressively yes! I was putting this through its paces in the beautiful Lake District and had all the bag space and spare kit ready for when I thought I was going to be too hot and then too cold. On mountains runs I do always find it a hard toss up with what to wear. I don’t like to be too cold at the start yet I know the moment I’m on a uphill climb I’ll be boiling in the bag of my jacket and upon reaching the summit there you go its blowing a gale and chilly is an understatement again.

Impressively the Nano-Air held its own, underneath I had worn just a t-shirt ready for when I was too hot, but I am pleased to say it didn’t get a showing. In the wind it was warming and didn’t let too much of a draught through and on the uphill’s when I expected to boil, it was nicely wicking. It let the heat out and with only simple changes of the zip I was able to get all the cool air I needed.

I am impressed and this certainly is now a cold run staple of mine.

Patagonia’s bold claim has stood the test of the Lakes, it went, it ran and it conquered!


Karkoa Compartment Sports Bag Review

Karkoa – User Friendly Luggage- Compartment Sports Bag


Firstly let me introduce Karkoa, the new kids on the block when it comes to luggage, these guys based in France have seen what a mess we all get in to with our sports kit and have gone out of their way to solve it. Whilst doing this, they have not only solved the things I knew where annoying me but also provided solutions for problems I hadn’t even thought about!


Karkoa do a range of holdalls and backpacks as well as add on accessories to suit all tastes and needs. I opted for the 20L Plume in Emeraude Blue, let me show you around.4.jpg


  1. Main section – Accessed by one large zip this has a firm flat base, nothing like I’ve even seen in a sports bag before it’s like a shelf in the bag, designed to keep those smart work clothes crease free even when it is fully packed. Perfect for those of you who exercise on the way to work.
  2. Base section – I can’t be the only one who wraps their muddy, sweaty trainers in a carrier bag to stop them contaminating 3.jpgeverything else I have with me. Welcome to the end of those days! The Karkoa bags have a base shoe section, completely self-contained and accessed through a U shaped zip. The lining of this even pulls fully out making it super easy to tip out the dirt and wipe clean – it is even big enough to take shoes up to a size 12.
  3. Chilled drinks poc2.jpgket – Foil lined and again accessed through a separate zip to stop anything touching those precious work clothes you are desperately trying to keep smart. Mine holds my protein shake, something I didn’t even realise was much nicer cool as I’m so used to having it ‘changing room warm’.6.jpg
  1. Laptop and essentials pockets – They really have thought about these two, not only is there a specific laptop pocket as well as two other smaller pockets to organise your keys, phones and whatever else we all have in the bottom of our bags. They are both lined with a soft fleece material to keep everything safe, snug and scratch free.
  1. Dirty wash bag – Again I can’t be the only person who does this, I even do it on holiday. Everything worn goes in the ‘dirty wash bag!’ My husband is even now partial to this routine! Karkoa were clearly also drilled by my parents at a young age and have provided you with your own. A thick and durable plastic case to put all those smelly, sweaty clothes in and yep you’ve guessed it, its own section to keep it in quarantine until it can get to the washing machine.5.jpg
  1. If that all wasn’t enough, last but not least they also even throw you in another little waterproof zipper pouch for any lotions and potions you want for after your work out. Last thing you want is them slopping over your smarts, so again this is all zipped away safe.



The reoccurring theme of the Karkoa bags is organisation. If you are anything like me, busy people have to be organised and if something can make fitting in a work out around all the other throws of life that little tiny bit more straight forward then it is a huge win in my book. I love love love this bag!

Check out their website and video to find out more and join the dream organisation.



Asics Noosa FF Review


I have had these trainers for just under a month now and have loved testing them.

First thing you need to do is check out the swanky video featuring actual runners wearing the trainers including Candace Hill – the fastest female school runner of ALL TIME!!!!
I think its fab that Asics have used actual people in the promos, no acting here, people who do this running thing day in, day out.

What is the first thing you notice about these trainers? Colour right?! Thought so! Whether you choose men’s or women’s the designs are super eye catching and look incredible, but behind this is a pretty awesome shoe packed full of clever features not to be missed.
Pros – Normally in reviews like this I do 3 or 4 pros but with these I couldn’t narrow it down, so I’m afraid you got them all!

  • Colour choices –Like I’ve already said these catch your attentiwomens-banner-1.jpgwomens-banner-5on and the compliments of those around you – never a thing to turn down!
  • Sticky sole – The outer part of the sole is almost sticky to touch and to say these are not a trail shoe nor claim to be for off road, they have held up extremely well under the wet conditions I have had to throw at it (no fault of my own, it has rained a lot!)
    For someone like me who is multi-sport based and have to negotiate plenty of wet and slippy transition areas as well as change of terrain in runs these are going to feature in my race kit from now on.
  • Cushioning sole – I LOVE the Noosa writing in the sole but after aesthetics womens-banner-3.jpgthis is a knee saver. The whole sole is soft and durable and is like running on cushions. Their tag ‘Don’t run, fly’ is very accurate indeed.
  • Mesh outer – Luckily I am not someone who suffers from blisters on my feet, especially as in my Aquathlon races I am not going to waste time drying my feet after the swim in transition. (I cant afford the seconds!) These are made with no seams and with the breathable mesh outer I have found to wick the water away very effectively. They almost air dry your feet rather than some other shoes which the material absorbs the moisture resulting in a very heavy soggy run.
  • Heel tab – Simple but really effective. A really big tab in a nice grippy material just where you need it.

All in all these are a super Triathlon and Aquathlon shoe but even if you are just a runner these make a fab all round road and mixed terrain trainer.

Things to consider – I really struggled with this list on these and nothing about the shoe in its self stands out. If I am clutching at straws it would be nice to see these with an elastic lace option for the triathletes but of course its not too much trouble to add later on. Only other thing, be aware I have found they do come up large so order your size accurately. sportsshoes.com do half sizes which I always look for in a company and even better currently have an offer on where they are giving away a free pair of running tights with every order! £37.99 running tights for FREE how brilliant is that!







Asics Finish Advantage Tights

Made with Motion Dry technology these tights are designed to not only compress to keep the oxygen flowing but also wick any moisture away from your skin to keep you feeling comfortable and your mind on your session.

I love running in compression socks and find they really help in the last set of the session. That set when your legs and lungs are burning yet you know it is this set that counts. These tights are super and are like whole leg compression socks. If you are a fan of running in compression socks you will suit these tights.


Pros –

  • Overall compression – Whole leg compression increasing the blood flow during your session, easing lactic acid removal, reducing post session aching.
  • Wide waistband – No cutting in here, these stay up through all the burpees, squats and sprints that you can throw at them.
  • Reflective detail – I love the big Asics logo and having it in reflective print is brilliant to keep your visible on your dark runs.
  • Men’s and women’s! – Find both here


Things to consider –

  • These tights don’t have ankle zips. Personally I prefer tights with zips, I find them easier to get on and off – perhaps that just me!
  • Remember these are compression so they are tight! Check the size guide and make sure you know your measurements. Yep I ordered the wrong size first time around.
  • Currently only in black which if you have read my Asics Zero Distraction Bra post you will know I love things as colourful as possible.