Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles

Aqua Sphere kayennes are my go to goggle, I have three in total two for training and one specifically for racing. I love them that much! Having been part of a swimming club since I was 5 I have been through a LOT of goggle all the ones I have got on well with have had larger than average lenses. I find these prevent leakingimg_5889 much more effectively than smaller lenses and since moving in to open water have found that these allow you to keep your peripheral vision which again others don’t. Lots of swimmers become disoriented in dark, deep open water and it is easily done. It helps me to be able to see in a wider field than just straight in front which also allows more light in.
Kayennes also come in a range of lens tins which again makes them the perfect pair to have a couple of in your kit bag. The polarised are brilliant when then sun is low to reduce the glare from the water and I find the blue tins makes muddy British lake water seem so much more inviting!
My tip. Never ever throw away the case. Take care of your goggle and they will last, rinse them in fresh water and always store them in their case. As a child going to swim training every night I must have been going through a pair of goggle every month. They are the thing that you wear most in the water (except for clothing hopefully!) so treat them with respect:-)