European champs 2016

European championships France June 2016! img_5996
I was terrified before hand there were so many unknowns and I like to leave nothing to chance, the swim was 1000m; the first time I have ever done this in a race and had a half way Aussie exit. (For some reason you exit the swim on a beach half way through and then dive back in and carry on) this I have never done, how can you even practice that?! Plus the fact I was feeling the pressure of the race I was so scared beforehand. It was a late start so that just gave me the whole day to build up my worry and boy did I worry.
But once that gun went I immediately loved it! I was a non wetsuit swim (another first) but this was great, just like being in a pool (ignoring the fish). I knew there were some really really super swimmers in the pack so I just focused on my own race aiming to fight hard in the run. I exited the water and flew in to transition, this is unusual for me as I normally find my legs are like jelly and find the change from swim to run hard until my running muscles wake up but not this time I felt amazing. The run pretty much just carried on from there, I focused on counting how many people I could over take and loved the adrenaline rush I got each time I heard GB or my name over the commentary. This just powered me on further and I finished strong setting PBs in both sections and the fastest transition of the competition…not that that is a huge achievement but hey!
I loved it it was the best race of my life!